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Sam Adams Elementary School!

The 2014-15 school year will be fun, exciting, and full of new educational opportunities for the Sam Adams School Family!

Effective with the fall sports season of the 2014-15 school year, Cassopolis Public Schools will no longer carry student insurance.  This will now be the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

2014-15 Curriculum Information


The staff at Sam Adams Elementary is currently working with Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency (KRESA) on a professional development MATH series! This professional development series is activity-based; built around a collection of example classroom lessons aligned to the Mathematical Practices and Content called for with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  Teachers are provided with detailed information about each grade-level content standard, lessons that are in support of students developing a deep understanding of the content standard and diagnostics for assessing students’ level.  Teachers are also provided a plan for teaching the content standards with the appropriate focus, coherence, and rigor as is called for in the Common Core.

Eureka Math Support for Math parents:

Art Expressions

Students K-6 will have the opportunity to express their creativity through Art and Creative Writing.  This class will provide students with the skills to develop their artistic abilities through “hands on” art activities that relate to their creative writing, which is aligned to the Common Core.

Title I Reading and Math

Sam Adams students will be given additional information in Reading and Math this year by two highly qualified teachers.  This instruction will focus on Tier II Interventions for K-6 students that are struggling with skills in the Common Core Curriculum.  Title I will be an extension of the classroom with small group and one-on-one support.


Neo 2 Boards

Our dedicated computer teacher, Shelli Burks, researches “Best Practices” to enhance student learning to its fullest.  Two Neo Board mobile labs will be implemented this year to help all students in Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies.  All children will have the opportunity to work on them through a variety of programs that Sam Adams Elementary offers.


We have added a variety of new programs to our state of the art technology resources to enhance student learning.

Read Naturally- Increased Reading Levels for Title I Reading

Star- Reading, Early Literacy (Star Fall) & Math.

Accelerated Math Live & Math in a Flash- Personalize instruction for every student.  This program creates individualized practice assignments and tests at each student’s level, allowing teachers to keep every student motivated and challenged.

What’s New!

The safety of our students is our Number 1 priority! Sam Adams Elementary now has 40 cameras installed in and out of the building for 24 hour surveillance.

New bleachers have been purchased and will be installed in our gymnasium for our fall sports and assemblies!


Ranger Pride!

The Sam Adams School Family is proud of our students and their behavior!  We will continue to support the positive behavior initiative “Ranger Pride”!












Sam Adams Elementary School, 114 S. Depot Street, Cassopolis MI 49031

Start time is 7:55 a.m.
Breakfast for students is from 7:30-7:50 a.m.
Dismissal @ 3:07 p.m.


The current PTO officers are:
President Teresa Dahlgren 269-445-8085
Vice-Pres Nichole Drews
Secretary Lindsay Gorham
Treasurer Tanya Leach


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DeeAnn Melville-Voss
Principal and K-6 Title I and Curriculum Director
Deb Stermer,
Lead Teacher
Loretta Bowers, Secretary
  Julie Blaske, Secretary

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Mrs. Cheryl Rogers,

Mrs. Jayna Sobecki,

Mrs. Donna Warren,


1st Grade

Mrs. Lesa Bueche,

Mrs. Renee Newland,

Mrs. Angela Vega,


2nd Grade

Mrs. Amy Pike,

Philip Staulter,

Mrs. Cathy Prestly,


3rd Grade

Mrs. Julie Allen,

Mrs. Tracy Allison,


4th Grade

Mrs. Gustafson,

Mrs. Joan Potter,


5th Grade

Sarah Mason.

Mrs. Nan Schuur,

Mrs. Jessica Struble,


6th Grade

Mrs. Rachele Ward,

Mr. Eric Burns,


Special Education

Mrs. Cristy Ernst,

Mrs. Cheryl Graham,



Mrs. Shelli Burks,

Adam Noaeil,

Mrs. Jean Porath

Mr. Dan Purlee,


Title Services

Mrs. Aryn Carlisle,

Mrs. Lindsay Gorham,



Glorianna Lang


Support Services

Mrs. Deb Stermer,

Mrs. Judith (Maria) Jones,

Mrs. Denise Gendron,