Adult / Alternative Education

The Alternative/Adult Education program is part of the Cassopolis Public School System. It is designed to meet the educational needs of those 16 years and older. All who choose to enter the program should understand that success or failure is directly related to the following: SELF-MOTIVATION, SELF-DISCIPLINE and SELF CONTROL. Never allow your age to stop you from returning to Adult Education.

In the Cassopolis Adult/Alternative Education program, students complete classes according to their individual needs. Transcripts are reviewed and a graduation plan is implemented. Students work at their own pace, either in the classroom or at home, to finish the goal outlined in the plan. We offer both a High School diploma, as well as, a GED. A certified teacher is available at all times to provide assistance.  Our desire is to help students attain their educational goals. Determination and hard work are the only requirements.

Linda D. Vite, Adult Education Director



Monday through Thursday, 9am-9pm

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Annual Education Report Adult Ed

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